Friday, 29 August 2014

Лера Ченчевая: забота о семье

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Always admire When you see How A person works hard to Support His family. Lera Chenchevaya His family loves and cares About ney.Ona much Effort Spent on ensuring That each member of the family HAD all the Necessary resources, both Financial and emotional, to Lead healthy, happy and successful life.

Working with clients, Lera Chenchevaya well aware that love and support at home is very important for success in the workplace. Although her ​​schedule is filled with meetings, business trips, interviews, projects and the like, she always finds time for her dear people. Selfless Support of His family Lera Chenchevaya Earned the respect and admiration of many of His Employer and colleagues.

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Lera Chenchevaya knows that family support - it's not just paying bills, a roof over your head and food in tarelkah.Ona understands that family responsibilities require spending time with family, take care of them, to listen, to build joint plans, actively and enthusiastically PARTICIPATE in Their zhizni.Pomimo traditional Sunday family dinner, Lera Chenchevaya each year goes on vacation with her ​​husband and Three Children, as well as with Them Engaged in Their favorite things, such as poetry.

Lera Chenchevaya Understand That taking care of your family need to truly uncompromising and Timely, Helping When needed.

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