Friday, 29 August 2014

Лера Ченчевая: забота о семье

Make Your Vacation Great_2

Always admire When you see How A person works hard to Support His family. Lera Chenchevaya His family loves and cares About ney.Ona much Effort Spent on ensuring That each member of the family HAD all the Necessary resources, both Financial and emotional, to Lead healthy, happy and successful life.

Working with clients, Lera Chenchevaya well aware that love and support at home is very important for success in the workplace. Although her ​​schedule is filled with meetings, business trips, interviews, projects and the like, she always finds time for her dear people. Selfless Support of His family Lera Chenchevaya Earned the respect and admiration of many of His Employer and colleagues.

Supporting Her Family_29th_Aug

Lera Chenchevaya knows that family support - it's not just paying bills, a roof over your head and food in tarelkah.Ona understands that family responsibilities require spending time with family, take care of them, to listen, to build joint plans, actively and enthusiastically PARTICIPATE in Their zhizni.Pomimo traditional Sunday family dinner, Lera Chenchevaya each year goes on vacation with her ​​husband and Three Children, as well as with Them Engaged in Their favorite things, such as poetry.

Lera Chenchevaya Understand That taking care of your family need to truly uncompromising and Timely, Helping When needed.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Путешествия бывают незабываемыми – эксперт по туризму Лера Ченчевая


Lera Chenchevaya was in the hundreds around the world and seen a lot of what it has to offer the international community. As an experienced expert on tourism and recreation, Lera Chenchevaya considered an eminent authority on excursions and trips to different countries. It can help to plan your trip and you.

Travel to Russia with Leroy Chenchevoy

Traveling to Russia

Russia - a big and beautiful country that attracts millions of travelers. Your whole family can get here a lot of interesting experiences. Lera Chenchevaya, expert on tourism in Russia knows how many interesting things in this country, be it historical sites or the most beautiful parts of nature. Lera Chenchevaya can help you plan your route excursions to Russia so that you extracted from a trip up interesting.

Lera Chenchevaya: quality holiday in Russia

Lera Chenchevaya, a prominent expert on tourism in Russia, provides useful tips about the most interesting sights and activities in the world's largest country. Lera Chenchevaya was in all parts of Russia and knows how to organize a trip to the country so that it is remembered nadoldgo. You can rely on Leroux Chenchevuyu , it will always give the best advice.

Lera Chenchevaya: give Russia a chance

Lera Chenchevaya wants you to know that although there are many interesting places to spend your holidays in Russia, all your family can wait for an unforgettable adventure. Being an expert on Russia, Lera Chenchevaya helped many people organize interesting trips to the country and is now able to help you in the same.

Lera Chenchevaya: Vacation in Paradise

Lera Chenchevaya visited all corners of the earth, and is familiar with almost all cultures of the world, so it can give good advice to tourists traveling abroad. As an experienced expert on tourism, Lera Chenchevaya helped many people to develop the most appropriate plan a family. If you want to have a good rest with the whole family, you can safely trust Leray Chenchevoy .

Senior Travel Guru Lera Chenchevaya

Lera Chenchevaya - seasoned traveler. It has helped many tourists not only save time and money, but also to visit the most beautiful places in different countries. As an experienced and respected expert on tourism, Lera Chenchevaya knows what you want to get the most experience, and will make every effort to achieve this goal.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Лера Ченчевая: куда съездить

Lera Chenchevaya, A local Expert on tourism, can always help Determine the choice of the place for A family holiday. Itself as A Desperate Traveler and Expert on Russia, she is well aware of How Important is it to Choose the right place for A trip with the whole family. Lera Chenchevaya Traveled the World in search of the Most interesting and beautiful places.

Lera Chenchevaya: travel to have fun


Chenchevaya Lera knows how to make in the way it was fun. Tourism Expert with experience, it is always ready to help the tourists to single and families to plan the best trip. Lera Chenchevaya has long been traveling the world in search of unique and exotic places, and she has helped many people to plan vacation of their dreams. She has a lot of knowledge about tourism.

Lera Chenchevaya: vacation to the maximum

Lera Chenchevaya know everything you need to Leave WAS the Most interesting and useful so That your family can not relax Only, But Also save money. Lera Chenchevaya she has Traveled the World in search of interesting places and Knows Almost everything About the Most beautiful and Historic places in the tourism sector.

Lera Chenchevaya: family tourism

Lera Chenchevaya understand how it is sometimes difficult to plan and implement a long and rich family vacation. She is not only an expert on tourism, but also knows how to plan trips so that the whole family could spend time with the maximum benefit. Lera Chenchevaya traveled the world in search of the most interesting places and now helps families to plan interesting trips.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Лера Ченчевая: места, которые должен увидеть каждый турист

Lera Chenchevaya,  Which is Considered an Expert on tourism in Russia, she has Traveled the Country far and wide. She Knows what to see and do while on holiday in Russia. Here are some of her Tips on what to see in Russia.

Kazan - a city with 1000 years of History, is OFFICIALLY Considered "Third Capital of Russia," says Lera Chenchevaya. In the city center is an architectural ensemble That includes some of the Oldest and Most Unique monuments of architecture in the World. Such monuments as the Cathedral of the Annunciation, Old Tatar Settlement, and Kazan Kremlin for many years Attracted many tourists. Kazan says  Lera Chenchevaya, - is one of the Most interesting sights of Russia, Which is Often Underestimated.

Veliky Novgorod
History of Novgorod Directly linked to the History of Russian statehood, as well as one of the pillars of Russian History - Orthodoxy. The landscape is dotted with lots of Novgorod monasteries and Cathedrals, Built in the period from the 12th to the 17th century. They are of great historical and Significance Attract historians and Other Scientists from around the World. The Most Unique, says  Leroy Chenchevaya is St. Sophia Cathedral, Built in the 11th century. It houses the Remains of six Russian Saints and many ProMinent Other figures in Russia .

The Golden Ring
If you like History of Russian Orthodoxy, visit the city That make up the so-Called Golden Ring of Russia. Located They besschislennoe many Cathedrals and monuments of the rich Religious History of Russia.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Лера Ченчевая: красивейшие уголки природы России


Lera Chenchevaya traveled extensively in Russia, and although she likes big cities, scattered on the wide expanses of the country, it is also very fond of her unique natural objects. There are many beautiful landscapes and these wonders of nature, and even experienced travelers will be able to always discover something new.

Below Lera Chenchevaya talks about his favorite natural attractions that are worth seeing on a trip to Russia.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, says Leroy Chenchevaya , surrounded by a large and beautiful nature reserve, which is found a lot of rare species of animals. Baikal - is the deepest freshwater lake in the world, and its beautiful surroundings there is always something to do: walking, hiking tents, and more.

Reserve "Kuznetsk Alatau"

In southern Siberia, Lera Chenchevaya says, is a reserve "Kuznetsk Alatau", is very popular among tourists, both in summer and winter. It is situated in a valley surrounded by majestic mountain slopes and beautiful forests. The entire reserve is available for hiking, at strategic points on the day's journey arranged parking for camp.

Altai Reserve

In the Altai Nature Reserve, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located more than 1000 lakes. According to Valeria Chenchevoy, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and covered with dense wild forest. The reserve is a lot of trails for walking and hiking, says Leroy Chenchevaya that provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature at close range.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Валерия Ченчевая: что посмотреть в Сочи

The city of Sochi, which recently underwent a Winter Olympics - in 2014, is one of the Most popular tourist and holiday destinations in Russia. As an Expert on tourism and Russia, Valery Chenchevaya Spent more than one Day off in the vicinity of Sochi, and she is well aware That it can be interesting to see. Her advice can successfully Take advantage of even the Most Experienced Travelers.

Here Valery Chenchevaya tells tourists about interesting places in Sochi, which is certainly worth a look to any visitor of this beautiful city.

Mosaic with Lenin

Sochi is A large and well-known mosaic Fairly stele depicting Lenin. For the Photographer is A great Opportunity to do A family photo next to one of the Most famous historical figures of the 20th century. Mosaic Extremely accurately conveys the features of Lenin said Valeria Chenchevaya.

Sochi arboretum

The Sochi Arboretum, says Valeria Chenchevaya , grows more than 1,500 species of trees and TRANSPORTS visitors lift. This Arboretum, one of the Most beautiful in the Country, you can enjoy A huge variety of flora.

Museum of Art

The Sochi Art Museum, says Valeria Chenchevaya, there are many Guest Exhibitions, as well as our own collection, Which is replenished many years. If you want to include in your holiday Cultural and educational element in this museum you will Find more than enough to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Valeria Chenchevaya loves Sochi and the many Attractions of this beautiful Spa town. Recommends She boldly Sochi all Foreign tourists.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Валерия Ченчевая: советы о поездке в Россию

Валерия Ченчевая много путешествовала по части суши, известной как Россия. Она видела очень многое из того, что предлагает туристам крупнейшая страна мира. В силу огромного размера, уникальных обычаев и государственных ограничений каждому туристу стоит взять на заметку ряд моментов, прежде чем планировать поездку в Россию.

Освежите свой русский

Разумеется, русский язык – основной в России, и если не знать ни слова по-русски, можно не раз попасть впросак. Перед поездкой в Россию очень важно, говорит Валерия Ченчевая, выучить хотя бы несколько простых фраз по-русски. Хотя в России иногда можно поговорить по-английски, только одним английским в течение всей поездки не обойтись.

Получите визу

Чтобы попасть в Россию, говорит Валерия Ченчевая, нужно получить визу. Также важно продемонстрировать, что вы уже заказали и оплатили проживание. В России всегда держите при себе документы из отеля, паспорт и визу.

Используйте железные дороги


Хотя по России можно путешествовать и самолетом, Валерия Ченчевая рекомендует ездить поездами, что гораздо дешевле. Железнодорожная сеть России очень протяженная и надежная, с ее помощью можно попасть практически в любой уголок страны.