Monday, 11 August 2014

Лера Ченчевая: красивейшие уголки природы России


Lera Chenchevaya traveled extensively in Russia, and although she likes big cities, scattered on the wide expanses of the country, it is also very fond of her unique natural objects. There are many beautiful landscapes and these wonders of nature, and even experienced travelers will be able to always discover something new.

Below Lera Chenchevaya talks about his favorite natural attractions that are worth seeing on a trip to Russia.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, says Leroy Chenchevaya , surrounded by a large and beautiful nature reserve, which is found a lot of rare species of animals. Baikal - is the deepest freshwater lake in the world, and its beautiful surroundings there is always something to do: walking, hiking tents, and more.

Reserve "Kuznetsk Alatau"

In southern Siberia, Lera Chenchevaya says, is a reserve "Kuznetsk Alatau", is very popular among tourists, both in summer and winter. It is situated in a valley surrounded by majestic mountain slopes and beautiful forests. The entire reserve is available for hiking, at strategic points on the day's journey arranged parking for camp.

Altai Reserve

In the Altai Nature Reserve, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located more than 1000 lakes. According to Valeria Chenchevoy, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and covered with dense wild forest. The reserve is a lot of trails for walking and hiking, says Leroy Chenchevaya that provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature at close range.

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